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Kashfia's Walima
Tanzia's Wedding
Pinky's reception
Kashfia 2
Tanzia 2
Pinky 2
Kashfia 3

"I aspire to be a highly skilled and versatile artist so I can serve our diverse South Asian Community.  A quintessential South Asian Bride does not include just those from the mainstream cultures but also from the diaspora within our South Asian Community. I find joy in doing research and learning about the jewelry, draping, and dressing requirements of the many beautiful cultures of my brides. At SD Artistry, I want my brides to embrace and celebrate what makes them unique." © 


                                      --Shanji D. Raihan

                                        Owner & Master Artist 

On-Location Bridal Services 

  • Full Service Wedding: South Asian or White Dress

  • Full service Reception or Walima

  • Full Service Nikkah 

  • Full Service Mehndi, Holud or Sangeet

  • Other Pre-Wedding Events

  • Full Service Engagement Ceremony

*Full Service includes all draping, dressing and jewelry placement as complementary services

**Bridal services can be rendered at the studio in Anaheim, if so a discount will be applied to the base price

In-Stuio Bridal Services

  • Engagement shoot

  • Bridal shower

  • dholki

  • Trials** 

         (**Subject to availability)

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