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passion project three years in the making, we are finally happy to introduce to the world our luxury yet affordable line of multi-use 3D mink lashes. Just as luxurious as other name brands, each lash is hand-made with the finest mink hair that feel lightweight yet provide the three dimensional luxe look. 100% cruelty-free mink hair collected during shedding season in zoos & are guarantee to be safe & hypo-allergenic.

Each pair can be reused upto 25x with proper care (care video coming soon).

 Each pair comes in a luxe sustainable packaging to store your lashes & make shipping economical. 


After testing hundreds of lashes on Bridal clients, models, family, myself and a successful prototype sale, these beautiful lashes for our La Femme Vol I and Vol II collection have been created, in honor of strong women all over the world.

La Femme Collection:

Vol. I

Perfect all-day lashes that give the lash extension effect without the cost and lash fall out of real extensions.  After three unsatisfactory lash extension jobs that left me with bald lash line, this has been my go to for day-to-day application. Suitable for all eye shaped.


After working with bridal clients with smaller eye shape who couldn't wear brand name mink lashes (they would touch their brows), I searched high and low for the perfect volume lashes. After many failed prototype, Risque was born. This pair is for all my smaller eye-shaped dolls who want the drama without the drag.


Most dramatic lash pair in the collection. I LOVE a pair of lashes that give the smokey eye look for a nighttime glam.  If that is what you are looking for, then this pair was made for you.


Day-to-Night Lash that also give the lash extension look but with more volume than Ethereal. Rounded volume yet short hairs of this style is perfect for any eye shape. 


This dramatic day-to-night glam lash style is perfect for big events or if you are like me who just love a bit of drama.  I regularly use this style for my dholki, engagement and nikkah brides. Length easily adjusted when curled by a lash curler. Not suited for hooded eye.


Most luxe pair in our collection with an invisible band. This lash pair is created for my ICONIC look with no black liner for that more chic event look.  Because the lash band is clear, you can wear this without having to draw a thick liner to cover the lash band. 


La Femme

Summer 2020 Collection

Vol. II

Similar to length of Risque, these are also perfect for smaller or hooded eye-shape.  The dense fan-like placement is perfect for day-time and night-time looks.


Sister of our style Ethereal.  These are also day-time, daily-wear made to mimic lash extensions.  Wear them to work everyday, gym or to the groceries.  So comfortable that you can wear all day and all night without the risk of losing own lashes. The rounded shape is made to open up the eyes.


These are made to give the cat-eye look with grading fanning and spacing in between. Recommended for regular shaped-eyes looking for some daytime glam or night-time glam that would show off the eye-shadow look.


Another clear-band masterpiece. If you like super glam night-look, this one is for you. 1mm longer in length than our style Iconic, perfect to attend wedding events. If you are the bride, these are a must for your pre-wedding events. 


To order our "Le Femme Collection" lashes please fill up the form below. Please mention style, quantity and PayPal email address. An invoice will be sent out.  

Local pick-up is available from: Anaheim, CA 

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